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Hunt and Peck: Adam Wainwright can have my Achilles

Isn't that how this works? No? Okay :(

simplier times
simplier times
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Not since Achilles has an ankle injury been so upsetting.

People are trying be optimistic, however:

Others are taking the loss pretty hard:

Life post-Wainwright is bleak. In the words of the brilliant Dan Moore:

17. Wainwright Mancrush or Lady-Mancrush Resignedness. "Adam Wainwright is an awesome pitcher, a surprisingly good hitter, and an excellent interview. Please come back soon; my shersey is too young to be a throwback."

what else is going on in baseball...

Who cares?

Okay, here is something...

what the cardinals are up to...

  • Navy graduate, Mitch Harris, made his MLB debut. - Hardball Talk
  • In case you missed it, Adam Wainwright is probably out for the season with an Achilles injury. - Viva el Birdos
  • Here are what the Cardinals are doing to prepare. - MLB
the philadelphia philadelphias

the nl central

weekend scoreboard:
Friday, April 24 Cardinals 3 Brewers 0 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Saturday, April 25 Cardinals 5 Brewers 3 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Sunday, April 26 Cardinals 3 Brewers 6 VEB Recap BCB Recap

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