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Hunt and Peck: It is #InfographicMonday and the Cardinals are in first place

See how the Central is stacking up in the return of #InfographicMonday!

actual fire
actual fire
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It is only eleven games into the season, the sample sizes are small, blah, blah, blah, you know these are still fun to look at.

what else is going on in baseball...

what the Cardinals are up to...

the worshington nationals

the nl central

  • Aroldis Chapman's changeup is so darn good. - Just a bit outside
  • Should Chapman be a starter? - Red Reporter
  • Jon Lester throws entire glove to first. - Hardball Talk
  • Kris Bryant was called up and his family's reaction was precious. - SBNation
  • Standings: See Above
weekend scoreboard:
Friday, April 17 Reds 1 Cardinals 6 VEB Recap RR Recap
Saturday, April 18 Reds 2 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap RR Recap
Sunday, April 19 Reds 1 Cardinals 2 VEB Recap RR Recap

Off day today, but feel free to check out the Blues as the take on the Wild in the Stanley Cup Playoffs at 7:00pm. Here is a really cool video of a "Let's Go Blues" chant breaking out a Busch Stadium.

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