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Watch Mark McGwire homer in four straight games to open the 1998 season

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday marked the St. Louis Cardinals' fourth off-day since the start of the season eight days prior on Sunday Night Baseball. The official Cardinals Instagram shared an image of Mark McGwire to commemorate the 17th anniversary of the day he hit three home runs in the same game against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Note the red-beaked Cardinals on the jersey.

I couldn't find video on of the three-homer game. However, there is a video of McGwire hitting a dinger in each of the first four games of the 1998 season. Behold the dingers in their non-HD glory:

In what has become a common refrain this young season, the Cardinals are not playing but other teams are. You can discuss those games in the comments or whatever else is on your mind. Please adhere to the VEB Community Guidelines when doing so.