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Hunt and Peck: Baseball is BACK!


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

what else is going on in baseball...

what the cardinals are up to...
  • A look back at the "replacement spring training". - STL Sports Page
  • Michael Wacha is looking ahead to 2015. - MLB
  • Did this give the pitchers an edge? - MLB
  • Mitch Harris attempts to be the first Navy grad to pitch in the MLB in the past 100 years. -Yahoo
  • Matheny will give the regulars some rest this spring. - STLToday
  • The Memphis Redbirds are looking for bat boys! - Teamwork Online
    the nl central

    • Here is a look at how the Reds' first game went. - MLB
    • Cubs prospect Kyle Schwarber hits a grand slam on his 22nd birthday and oh great, he is younger than me. It is happening. - MLB
    • Will the Cubs purposely delay Kris Bryant's call-ups? - Grantland
    viva el stuff...
  • other things...

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