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Call for 2015 St. Louis Cardinals projection submissions: Matt Adams

The collection of submissions for the 2015 VEB Community projections continues with Big Mayo.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, we decided to see if the collective wisdom of VEB was more accurate at forecasting individual St. Louis Cardinals' 2014 performance than projection systems such as ZiPS, PECOTA, and Steamer. You can peruse the reviews of those projections here if you wish.

On Tuesday, we started collecting reader submissions for the second annual VEB Community projections. The natural selection for our first player to project was Adam Wainwright. If you haven't submitted your 2015 Wainwright stats yet, you still have a few days to do so here. As of this writing, we are nearly to 100 submissions for Waino.

Today, we're transitioning to the position-player side of things. Our subject: Matt "Big Mayo" Adams. You review Adams's stats at Fangraphs or Baseball-Reference. VEB's analysis of Adams can be found here.

Feel free to share your predictions in the comments, but please use the spoiler feature in the comment box when doing so.

Update: As of March 25, 2015, we are no longer accepting Matt Adams projection submissions. You can find the results posts for the VEB Community projections here.