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St. Louis Cardinals opening day roster matrix

With Tuesday's announcement of which players made the St. Louis opening-day bench, the Cardinals' opening day roster is now set.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday, the St. Louis Cardinals announced Carlos Martinez will open the season as the club's fifth starter, veteran non-roster invitee Carlos Villanueva will start the year as the seventh arm in the St. Louis bullpen, and lefty Marco Gonzales will begin the season starting for Triple-A Memphis. The Cardinals announced on Tuesday that the opening-day St. Louis bench will consist of Pete Kozma, Randal Grichuk, Peter Bourjos, Tony Cruz, and Mark Reynolds. So long as no one suffers an injury between now an Sunday, the Cardinals have set their opening-day roster.

The setting of the opening-day roster means we are revamping the roster matrix. Instead of tracking major-league camp in spring training, with its non-roster invitees, 40-man members, roster competitions, etc., the regular-season roster matrix is a bit more straightforward. It contains only those players on the 40-man and active 25-man MLB roster, as well as those players on the disabled list (DL). This makes the color-coding a bit simpler:

  • Red: 25-man active roster
  • Navy: 40-man
  • Green: Disabled List