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Hunt and Peck: OT patches in remembrance of Oscar Taveras are officially on the jerseys

Death is toughest on those left behind.

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You might recall a few weeks ago when Joe wrote about how remembering Oscar Taveras the ballplayer is not condoning Oscar Taveras the drunk driver. If you have not read it, or even if you have, I suggest reading it now, for it is one of my favorite articles that Joe has written.

As we approach Opening Day, preparations must be made for the start of the season. Among those preparations is the new patch on the Cardinals uniforms. A simple black circle with the letters "O" and "T" in white font that will rest atop the sleeve of the Cardinal jersey, and will appear especially dramatic against the crisp whiteness of the home uniform. It will serve as a stark reminder of a life cut too short by tragedy, but also of a team, an organization, a group of friends, and a family that grieve for a young man that is forever gone from this earth.

Grief causes us humans to do seemingly strange things for the sake of comfort. The current desktop for my computer is a picture of Oscar hugging Matt Adams while celebrating the Cardinals advancing to the NLCS. It has been this picture for the five months since his passing. It will remain this picture for much longer, most likely. It serves as a reminder to me and to those that pass by it that Oscar Taveras was once alive and I miss him. It should not surprise us that the people that knew the young man best would want to remind others of that as well.

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