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St. Louis Cardinals vs. Minnesota Twins game thread - Spring Training - March 15, 2015

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Another spring-training contest takes place today between the St. Louis Cardinals and Minnesota Twins. The game is on Fox Sports Midwest. You can watch and comment with us, listen on KMOX and discuss with us, or follow on Gameday and chat in the thread. Any or all will do. Please remember the VEB Community Guidelines.


Today is the midway point in March and we're seeing big-leaguers receiving more and more playing time. But that doesn't mean that we aren't seeing some prospectus involved in the action. Yesterday, for example, Magneuris Sierra, the 2014 St. Louis Cardinals Minor League Player of the Year, was called on to pinch-run and stayed in the game against the Twins. Might we get such a treat this Sunday afternoon?

Given the underwhelming starting lineup (though Stephen Piscotty will start) it seems a possibility that the mid-game substitutes might very be of the obscure farm variety. I can't wait.

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