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Call for 2015 St. Louis Cardinals VEB Community projection submissions: Yadier Molina

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The call for 2015 St. Louis Cardinals projections from the VEB Community continues. Remember that you don't have to be a registered user to submit your forecasted stats as part of this project. However, if you are a registered user and provide your username, you stand a chance to be recognized for your accuracy or maligned for how badly you missed.

So far we've requested submissions from the VEB Community at large for Adam Wainwright, Matt Adams, Michael Wacha, Matt Holliday, Lance Lynn, Matt Carpenter, and John Lackey. If you haven't yet submitted your projections for any (or all) of those players, there's still time do so. You can submit your statistical predictions for them at the 2015 VEB Community Projections hub, which is right here.

Today's projection submissions for for one Yadier Molina. You can find Yadi's stats at Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference. At Yadi's SBN player page, you can find all the SBN posts on him, including those by the VEB crew.

Please feel free to share your projections (using the spoiler tag) and discuss the reasoning behind your forecasted stats in the comments.

Update: As of March 31, 2015, Viva El Birdos is no longer accepting VEB Community member projection submissions for Yadier Molina. You can view the 2015 VEB Community projection results here.