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Hunt and Peck: The one where I do no work at all

This time, I make let the readers do the work for me.

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On Monday I asked which Cardinals game ya'll would go back and see. Everyone had such wonderful responses I just had to share them. Here are some of your responses from around the web!  Don't forget to check out the original posts from the United Cardinals Bloggers and their responses!

Via the Viva el Birdos Twitter account:

Via the Viva el Birdos Facebook page:

2011 World Series Game 6 - Shannon

1946 game 7 or 1926 game 7. - Ron

926 World Series Game 7 AINEC, worn GC Alexander striking out Lazzeri with the sacks loaded while hungover and Ruth getting caught stealing to end the series. Cards first championship knocking off the soon to be Murderer's Row Yanks - Stephen

Seat cushion night against the despised Mets. Tommy Herr walk off grand slam. So outrageous and unbelievably wild behavior, Cards won't even show the tape anymore. Thousands of promotional seat cushions rained down twice during game. During game, warning of forfeit. At walk off, they all came down. It was a different time then and younger folks cannot believe the vicious rivalry with the Mets. - Mary

Via The Comment Section:

An interesting omission...

would be Mark McGwire’s 1998 home runs, particularly #62. There was once a point when that would be considered the #1 must-see moment in baseball history. Now it is, probably correctly, not a serious contender just for the Cardinals.

As for my pick, I’ll default back to Game 6 in 2011. I don’t care that I was 22 and remember it quite vividly: I wouldn’t decline a perpetual cycle of seeing that game in the excitement of the moment forever. But the Mad Dash is a pretty impossible one to argue against. - johnjf125

Can I make mine a doubleheader?

If so, Sept 21, 1934 against the Dodgers. Dizzy threw 7 innings of no-hit ball and earned a shutout. In the nightcap, Paul threw a no-hitter. - The Continental

Game 7 of the 1967 World Series

A happy time when if Bob Gibson wasn’t hitting homeruns aganist the Red Sox, turns out he was also a pretty good pitcher as well. This all happen 11 years before I was born so it would be nice to witness a time where the Cardinals could beat the Red Sox in the World Series. - hatchet1bravo

Some of you, like Ben, just left links to videos:

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