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Hunt and Peck: Which game would you go back to see?

If you had the ability to go back in time and watch one Cardinals game, which would you pick?

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If you could go back and see any Cardinals game ever, which would you pick? This is the question the wonderful writers over at Cards Conclave attempt to answer with news of the Brewers selling their $1000 Timeless ticket - a ticket that can be used for ANY game in the future. It is a great question, especially for franchise with a rich history encompassing some amazing games such as the St. Louis Cardinals. It was a question that required much thought on my part. Being fairly young, there are many games I wish I could go back and see that I missed due to not yet being alive: Chris Von der Ahe's Browns, the Gas House Gang, Bob Gibson's no-hitter, Whiteyball... I missed it all. Then there are games I did see, but would like to re-see in person, like 2004 NLCS Game 6, 2006 NCLS Game 7, 2011 NLDS Game 5, of course, 2011 World Series Game 6, and then May 31, 2014 - Oscar Taveras's debut home run in the rain.

It was tough to choose, so to narrow it down, I came up with some criteria:

1) It HAS to have Stan Musial and

2) It has to have some cool historic moment

BONUS: A great opponent.

After that, the choice was obvious.

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