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Hunt and Peck: Another baseball player retires

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The back of the bus is quiet, but he liked the quiet. It gave him the chance to look around at the ol' bus one last time. He waited anxiously as the bus pulled up to his stop, picking at a loose thread on his slightly worn Wranglers. As the bus screeched to a halt, he cautiously stood, using the seats in front of him to balance.  "Ew... Why is this seat covered in raspberry jelly?" he said aloud as he wiped what he could of the jelly off his hand and back onto the seat. As he made his way to the front, he considered alerting the driver to the mess, but went down the bus stairs in silence. He was too tired for such things right now, and the bus driver looked tired, too. He strolled across the street from the stop to the bar he was looking for. A shaggy, mut of a dog sat in front of the door. The man gave the dog a quick pet behind the ears as he stepped over him and into the establishment. As he opened the door the rush of sound from Cesar Izturis singing "Ice, Ice, Baby", flooded his ears. Mark Ellis headed straight to the bar, ordered a glass of Armagnac, and drank.

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