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Hunt and Peck: Pitchers and catchers have reported!


I just really love this photo
I just really love this photo
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

what else is going on in baseball...
  • Alex Rodriguez apologies to the fans. - Hardball Talk
  • Your mom's biggest questions about the 2015 Tigers. - Bless You Boys
  • Who really hogs Sunday Night Baseball? - Baseball Essential
  • 2015 breakout candidates. - SBNation
  • Are groundball pitchers... overrated? - Hardball Times
  • what the cardinals are up to...
  • David Bell, new Cardinals bench coach, talks about his new role. - MLB
  • Jordan Walden looks to make a name for himself. - MLB
  • In honor of pitchers and catchers reporting, here is an an oldie, but a goodie from Derrick Goold. - STLToday
  • Lance Lynn's 2005 high school team is named the greatest Indiana high school baseball team of all-time, going 25-0. - Viva el Birdos
    the nl central
    viva el stuff...

    other things...
    • Kate Nolan will have a new show premiering March 15. - Awful Announcing
    • Tonight (Friday) the Blues take on the Bruins at 7:00pm. All your Blues info and more can be found here. - St. Louis Game Time
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