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Jason Motte needs more of your advice

In another installment of the Choose Your Own Adventure edition of Cardstoons, Jason Motte needs your help again, but this time it's baseball related.

Jason Motte never looked quite right in his first year back from Tommy John surgery, but the Chicago Cubs gave him a lot of money anyway. The previous installment of Cardstoons had a Choose Your Own Adventure theme that asked VEB to decide how Motte should spend his riches. Three options were presented: (1) Buying enough goats to fill Wrigley Field in an attempt to reverse the curse, (2) investing the money by starting a new company, or (3) living modestly and donating the money to the charity of his choice. You chose option number three and now you have to live with it.

Would you like the good news or bad news first, VEB? Good news, you say? I'm more of a bad-news-first type of person, but whatever. Suit yourselves. The good news is that your collective decency helped Jason Motte win favor with the baseball gods. The bad news is that what's good for Jason Motte is also good for the Cubs these days, and now they're on the verge of their first World Series appearance since 1945.

Motte finds himself in a hairy (because he has a long beard, get it?) situation and he's asking for your help, which is pretty naive in my opinion since this is a fan blog about the Cardinals, but here we are.

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Motte Adventure 2