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Cardinals News and Notes: Jon, Jedd, and Jason (and others)

The 2016 Cardinals were running out of roster spots for outfielders, but the Gyorko store called.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

What was that? You said you wanted the Cardinals to make a move? Well, we've got some news for you!

Jon Jay traded:

  • Heading into Tuesday, the St. Louis Cardinals still had six players who appeared on the 2011 World Series championship-winning team. That number is now down to five, as Jon Jay was traded to the San Diego Padres in exchange for second baseman Jedd Gyorko and cash. Although Jay struggled in 2015, he was a valuable part of the 2011-2014 run of four consecutive National League Championship Series appearances, in which the Cardinals won a World Series, an additional pennant, and the envy of otherwise neutral observers. And if you're wondering who the remaining five are, you're just going to have to read further.
  • wrote about Jedd Gyorko's potential role as a platoon second baseman with Kolten Wong. Also, I resisted making terrible Seinfeld-related puns such as the one I made earlier. I couldn't resist the second time around. I deserve your scorn. I deserve all of it.

The starting pitching market:

Jason Heyward to the Cubs?

  • Amidst rumors that the Chicago Cubs are interested in Jason Heyward, Lil Scooter has issued a warning for the Baby Bears. Honestly, I don't know if she's bluffing. All I know is *I* wouldn't risk it.

Hey, Matt Carpenter is Good, Too!

  • With all of the focus on Jason Heyward, John Lackey, and players on the move, it's easy to take guys firmly entrenched on the Cardinals for granted. In his VEB debut, Ben Markham breaks down Matt Carpenter's evolving style with tremendous depth and insight.
Oh, and the five remaining 2011 Cardinals are Matt Holliday, Yadier Molina, Jaime Garcia, Lance Lynn, and Matt Carpenter. Thanks for reading. With the Winter Meetings heating up, there will surely be more news in the coming days.