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Cardinals News and Notes: Carrasco, Martinez, Heyward, Lackey

Eventually the Cardinals are going to do something, right?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Another day came and went in peak hot stove season without the Cardinals making a single move.  That did not prevent them from making the news or being a significant part of the speculation going around Nashville at the Winter Meetings.  And there was a fake Jason Heyward to the Cardinals signing from a fake Ken Rosenthal Twitter account which is always a good indicator that the trade and signing season is nearing its peak.

Hot Stove

Remembering John Lackey

  • Lil Scooter wrote a sweet and touching tribute to the dearly departed John Lackey, who was never that sweet and anyone who touched him was probably reprimanded.  But be that as it may, I'll miss salty John and I think the Cardinals will, too.  There are positives though.  For instance, I can't wait for the first time Kyle Schwarber boots a ball in left field while Lackey is on the mound.  I'm sure he'll handle it calmly.

Cardinals in 2016

El Gallo's 2015 Season

A Tweet I Liked

  • While Craig's post made me feel better on the Heyward front, I still very much enjoyed this tweet I found outside the boundaries of VEB:

I love the Winter Meetings.