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Cardinals News and Notes: Lackey, Heyward, and the Hot Stove

The Cardinals did not sign anybody over the weekend, but that doesn't mean there wasn't plenty to dissect.

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What? You spent your weekend enjoying unseasonably unterrible Midwestern weather and not keeping up with the latest hot stove news on Viva El Birdos dot com? Well, that's okay. We forgive you, this time. Anyway, here's what you may have missed.

John Lackey Signed

  • #Salty veteran John Lackey signed with the Chicago Cubs on Friday. Because they made Lackey a qualifying offer, the Cardinals will now receive a first round draft pick as compensation.

Your Latest in Jason Heyward Reads

Cardinals Hot Stove Rumors

Potential Starting Pitching Targets

Also, if you are still craving strong Peter Bourjos and/or Tony Cruz takes (and who isn't?), a new and handsome VEB writer has you covered...*sheepishly kicks dirt*

Okay, is everybody caught up? Good. Should be an action-packed week of rumors and perhaps even transactions coming up for the Cardinals and, as always, Viva El Birdos will be here to cover it all. Y'all come back now!