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Cardinals news and notes: The Draft,, Kazmir, New Year's

Happy New Year's VEB!

Word is Marp's resolution is to continue being awesome
Word is Marp's resolution is to continue being awesome
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Here at VEB we were treated to The Red Baron's second draft preview, featuring three amateur players TRB has covered before, including one he is particularly intrigued by. As the Cardinals currently have three first round picks, this year's draft should command the Cardinals' fan's attention.

Also, Craig covered the news that plans to offer single team plans at a lower price than the current model. As someone outside of the black-out boundaries, I will certainly be waiting to see what exactly they plan to charge.

Yours truly disagreed with Bernie Miklasz's position that the Cardinals needed another outfielder. In the comments VEB also voiced their opinion on the Kazmir signing and whether they would have preferred the Birds signed Leake to his deal or Kazmir to his.

As the link to above shows, Kazmir's deal is for $48M over three years, but half is deferred until after the contract is over, and it also contains an opt out after the first year, so it is an interesting one to be sure. Because of the opt-out the Dodgers do assume three years of risk for only one year of reward, but the Dodgers are swimming in a pool of money so large it makes Scrooge McDuck jealous, so they're probably not that concerned. compiled their favorite moments in 2015, as did ESPN. As for the Cardinals, It's hard for me to pick out favorite moments, but Marp's evolution into a power hitter, El Gallo having a great first season as a starter, the early success of Piscotty, Grichuk and Pham, and winning a historically strong 3-way Divisional race amid a ridiculous onslaught of injuries definitely makes 2015 a memorable one for Cardinals fans.

Happy New Year's VEB! Feel free to post any New Year's Resolutions in the comments. Mine is to cut-out caffeine, which I actually got started a week early on. The caffeine headaches still haven't completely gone away, but are hopefully nearing their end.