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Cards news and notes: Rockies, John Jaso, Cardinals marathon

Talking to the Rockies about outfielders, our rivals got a little better, and if you miss Cardinals baseball but have FSM you are in luck.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

VEB Recap

What we are saying about the Mike Leake signing: Craig reviews all of VEB's takes on Mike Leake, as well as updates the 40-man roster.

Cardinals going after Rockies outfielder? I sure hope not, I'm pretty happy with our set-up right now.

Cardinals news

FSM airs Cardinals marathon on Christmas Eve! Fox Sports Network will be airing five games from the 2015 season today

Leake addresses shoplifting arrest: Sounds like it wasn't a big deal.

NL Central news

Pirates sign John Jaso: This is a good move by the Pirates. For $8M/2 years get a nice left-handed side of a platoon at first base with Micael Morse or Jason Rodgers as the right-handed side. He has a .285/,383/,458 line against right-handed pitching since 2012. Jaso has played very little first base in his career, but according to the Pirates he is "enthusiastic" about developing as a first basemen.

Cubs release Brendan Ryan: For those of you wondering when Ryan became a Cub, he was the player to be named later in the Castro trade. Thus his inclusion was really just about offsetting some of Castro's contract as he exercised his $1M player option with the Yankees.

Other Baseball news:

Royals unlikely to sign Gordon: Word is the Royals only offered Gordon 4 years at 12 to 13 per year, which, if true is a serious low-ball offer.

It was reported the Nats were moving on from Brandon Phillips, so these moves make sense. Both come with draft pick compensation.

It's Christmas Eve, so I wouldn't expect too much in the way of Hot Stove news. Enjoy your Christmas VEB!