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Jim Edmonds' ranks among center fielders

Jim Edmonds is one of the greatest center fielders of all-time.

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I more or less made my case for Jim Edmonds as a Hall of Famer last week, but the post was getting a bit too long and I did not get to everything I had planned. As a result, what follows is a large amount of various center field and outfield rankings where Jim Edmonds features prominently. Data from FanGraphs and Baseball-Reference.

Most seasons above 120 wRC+ by center fielders the last 70 yrs

  • Willie Mays-18
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-11
  • Mickey Mantle-11
  • Larry Doby-9
  • Jim Edmonds-9

Jim Edmonds is well-known for his defense, but according to Fangraphs, Edmonds has been worth 391 runs above average, and less than 20% of those runs come from defense.

Highest career OPS by a center fielder the last 75 years

  • Mickey Mantle-.977
  • Joe DiMaggio-.977
  • Willie Mays-.941
  • Duke Snider-.919
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-913
  • Jim Edmonds-.903
Jim Edmonds made more than 93% of his 1806 starts in center field and nearly 88% of his appearances there.

Most 4+ fWAR seasons by a centerfielder

  • Tris Speaker-18
  • Willie Mays-17
  • Ty Cobb-15
  • Mickey Mantle-11
  • Joe Dimaggio-11
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-10
  • Jim Edmonds-10

Over the last 40 years, Jim Edmonds has the highest wOBA among center fielders with .385. Ken Griffey, Jr. is second.

Over the last 40 years, Jim Edmonds' 132 wRC+ is the highest among center fielders (min 5k PA). Ken Griffey, Jr. is second.

Most 5+ fWAR seasons by a center fielder

  • Speaker-17
  • Mays-15
  • Ty Cobb-14
  • Mickey Mantle-10
  • Joe DiMaggio-10
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-9
  • Andruw Jones-8
  • Jim Edmonds-8

Jim Edmonds has 998 walks and 393 homers. The only other center fielders with as many walks and at least 300 homers are Willie Mays, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Mickey Mantle.

Highest career SLG% by a centerfielder, last 70 years

  • DiMaggio-.579
  • Mays-.557
  • Mantle-.557
  • Snider-.540
  • Griffey, Jr.-.538
  • Jim Edmonds-.527
No center fielder in the last 40 years with at least 6,000 plate appearances has a higher walk rate than Jim Edmonds at 12.5%.

Highest career Isolated SLG% by a center fielder, last 70 years

  • Mantle-.259
  • Mays-.255
  • Griffey, Jr.-.254
  • Snider-.245
  • Jim Edmonds-.243

Willie Mays, Jim Edmonds, and Mike Trout are the only center fielders with 3 seasons of more than a 155 wRC+ in the last 50 years.

Most wOBA seasons over .400 by center fielders, last 70 yrs

  • Willie Mays-12
  • Mickey Mantle-10
  • Duke Snider-6
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-6
  • Jim Edmonds-5

In 2004, Jim Edmonds hit .301/.418/.643. The last center fielder to exceed those numbers in all three categories was Mickey Mantle in 1961.

Players with career wRC+ of 132

  • George Brett
  • Rickey Henderson
  • Billy Williams
  • Rod Carew
  • Wade Boggs
  • Tony Gwynn
  • Jim Edmonds

Jim Edmonds is one of just ten players with more than 1700 games in center field over the last 40 years.

Most 6+ fWAR seasons by an OF last 60 yrs

  • Aaron-15
  • Bonds-15
  • Mays-13
  • Mantle-7
  • Rickey-7
  • F Robinson-7
  • Clemente-6
  • Griffey, Jr.-6
  • Jim Edmonds-6

Since Willie Mays retired 40 years ago, Jim Edmonds wRC+ of 132 is the highest among center fielders with 5k PA.

Most seasons wRC+ above 145 by a CF last 90 years

  • Mays-14
  • Mantle-11
  • DiMaggio-7
  • Griffey, Jr.-6
  • Jim Edmonds-5
  • Hack Wilson-5
  • Duke Snider-5
Jim Edmonds .643 slugging percentage in 2004 is the 2nd-highest (Griffey, Jr., .646-1997) in a season among qualified center fielders the last 40 years (min 502 PA).

Most 5+ fWAR seasons by outfielders in the last 50 yrs

  • Barry Bonds-17
  • Rickey Henderson-10
  • Ken Griffey Jr.-9
  • Andruw Jones-8
  • Jim Edmonds-8

In the last forty years, the only center fielder with more hitting runs above average than Jim Edmonds is Ken Griffey, Jr.

Most 6+ fWAR seasons by a center fielder

  • Willie Mays-14
  • Tris Speaker-13
  • Ty Cobb-10
  • Mickey Mantle-9
  • Joe DiMaggio-6
  • Ken Griffey, Jr.-6
  • Jim Edmonds-6

Including playoffs, Jim Edmonds is one of only 38 players with 400 homers, 2,000 hits, and 1,000 walks. Willie Mays, Ken Griffey, Jr., and Mickey Mantle are the only other center fielders to reach those numbers.