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Nothing will stop John Mozeliak from signing Jason Heyward (we hope)

In this edition of Cardstoons, Bill DeWitt orders John Mozeliak to sign Jason Heyward, no matter what it takes.

Quick note: Thanks to Ben Humphrey for allowing me to post cartoons here, and an additional thanks to new overlord, Craig Edwards, for extending the opportunity. This is a fun creative outlet for me and I really appreciate having the platform.

The Cardinals have more money than ever before. They tried but failed to give a bunch of it to David Price. The Chris Davis rumors are hard to take seriously. Zobrist presumably prefers to have a permanent position instead of being used all over the field as a super utility guy. These are fun players, but let's face it. The only name we're rabidly scanning the rumor mill for this winter is Jason Heyward.

Make it happen, Mo. Your boss demands it.