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Cardinals news and notes: Yadi, Piscotty, Tsunamy, and...Leake

They might no longer be in the driver's seat, but the Cardinals are still poised to be a contender in 2016.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

Since its inception the Cardinals have dominated the NL Central.  Much to the chagrin of the Brewers, Cubs, Pirates, and Reds (and the Astros way back when), the division seems to always be run on the Cardinals' terms.  You may remember this scorecard from this past year which likely ruffled some feathers outside of St. Louis but that didn't mean it wasn't true.  This could be changing though.  The Cubs just completed a season in which they outlasted the Cardinals - something an NL Central team hadn't done since 2010.  And the worst part is (which I know we're all tired of hearing about it but it's still true) - they've only gotten better.  The Cardinals may be the three-time defending champs of the NL Central but as it currently stands they are staring up at the Cubs.  Make no mistake about it, the chase is on.

This is what you may have missed at VEB on Thursday:

Yadier Molina

Stephen Piscotty

Carlos Martinez

Cardinals in 2016

  • There's been a lot of doom and gloom in Cardinals' land lately, and a lot of it is justifiable.  And yeah, earlier I said some nonsense about "the chase being on" or something.  But luckily Craig Edwards is the voice of reason and here to remind us that the Cardinals are still going to be quite good in 2016.  They're not finished.  Nor are they as old as some people believe.

Mike Leake

  • Reports on Thursday were that the Cardinals might be interested in Mike Leake.  Craig looked at the situation and the last paragraph is a reminder as to how much I admire John Mozeliak's ability to play around the hot stove without calling too much attention.  When the Cardinals traded Shelby Miller for Jason Heyward the deal went down with hardly a peep in the press.  I can perhaps remember a single line from Derrick Goold that they might look in Heyward's direction but that was it.  Similarly, I found out that the Cardinals were a serious player in the David Price sweepstakes when Bob Nightengale informed me the day after Price signed with the Red Sox.  Mozeliak is not perfect but he does some things very well.

A Tweet I Liked

I second this.  Catch up on Goold's reporting in Cuba if you can.  He's been doing some great work.

Have a great weekend, everyone.