Chris davis - why the hell not?

The Cardinals desparately need power. I think we can all agree on that. I will admit that as much as I love this site, I have my reservations about the whole WAR stat. There just seems to be a lot of problems with this measurrement tool. I am aware that I am in the minority here. However, for arguments sake , let's go with it and assume that WAR is the best way to value a player. The Cardinals are the most profitable team in baseball and have a big hole to fill and plenty of money to fill it. THe issue I am assuming is thye do not see anyone that improves their team in such a way as to justify the dollars. Meanwhile, the leading homerun hitter in baseball is available and we have have a pretty nice size opening at first with all due respect to Adams and Moss. Below are the projected WAR numbers for Davis for the next 7 years: Given our need for a first baseman and our surplus of cash, I think a slight overpay would be acceptable. Perhaps 7 years for 180 million? I understand he may not take it but don't you think we should at least try? Does anyone honestly think that his presence on the team is not important enough to stretch the budget? I think I would prefer him than watching DeWitt's bank account grow. This seems like a very logical move to me.

2016 30 4.4 $6.85M $30.1M
2017 31 3.9 $7.22M $28.2M
2018 32 3.4 $7.61M $25.9M
2019 33 2.9 $8.02M $23.3M
2020 34 2.4 $8.45M $20.3M
2021 35 1.9 $8.91M $16.9M
2022 36 1.4 $9.39M $13.1M
2023 37 0.9 $9.90M $8.9M
TOTAL 19.2 $166.7M