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Cardinals news and notes: Heyward, Parra, Bowman

Jason Heyward is officially gone and other, less terrible news from the last few days.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Whether true or not, there was a meme floating around that the Cardinals stood a good chance to sign David Price because he preferred to pitch in the NL where he could also swing the bat.  Of course, Price signed with the Red Sox for roughly 30 million more dollars which is easily enough money to help Price (or anyone for that matter) care less about hitting.  Basically, the Red Sox blew Price away with such an offer that he was really left with no choice.  That's what the Cardinals should have done with Jason Heyward.  Granted, I'm on the outside looking in on this process, but from everything we know up to this point I think it's fair to argue they had the reason and means to blow away whatever offer the Cubs put on the table and either chose not to do so or lacked the ingenuity to pull it off.  Like the Red Sox, the Cardinals should have left Heyward with no choice but instead he'll be playing for an already-stacked division frontrunner.  What a shame.

Here's what was going on at VEB on Friday and over the weekend:

Gerardo Parra

Jason Heyward

Rule 5 Draft

A Tweet I Liked

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