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Cardinals news and notes: Heyward, Broxton, Martinez, and more Heyward

The courting of Jason Heyward is in high-gear, plus two more years of Jonathan Broxton.

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As I type this Thursday is coming to a close and Jason Heyward still hasn't signed anywhere.  It was the first full-fledged day of #Heywardwatch, which began with the Angels, Giants, Cubs, and Cardinals involved.  Then it was just the Cubs and the Cardinals.  For a brief period it sounded as though the Angels were back in it but they were soon replaced by the proverbial "mystery team," which turned out to be the Washington Nationals.  By the time you're reading this tomorrow who knows.

Heyward might not sign with the Cardinals, and while that'd be incredible disappointing in the end we'll all be okay.  Even if the Cardinals spend a few seasons home in October we'll still be okay.  I was of pretty sound mind from 1988-1995 which was a stretch of eight straight years of the Cardinals missing the playoffs.  They averaged only 79 wins per season during that span (with 1994 and 1995 win totals adjusted for the strike shortened seasons), and endured their only last place finish since 1918.  And you know what?  Everything was fine.  We still had Ozzie Smith, the games were still enjoyable, it really wasn't that different.  Baseball is good even when it's bad.

With that out of the way - Cardinals, please sign Heyward.

Here's what you may have missed at VEB yesterday:

Jason Heyward

Jonathan Broxton

Carlos Martinez

League News

  • Please read lil scooter's piece on the importance of MLB and Commissioner Manfred putting the right foot forward on players facing domestic violence and sexual assault allegations.  It is absolutely worth your time.

A Tweet I Liked

Enjoy day 2 of #Heywardwatch everybody.