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A History of Adam Wainwright in costume - A Hunt and Peck

Our favorite ace has a long and proud history of being awesome.

Jenifer Langosh

As someone with a love for both Adam Wainwright and costumes, I have long been tasked with the responsibility of chronicling this storied love affair between the two. I am sure there will be many a wonderful costume to come, but for now, as the Halloween and baseball seasons move behind us, let us reflect on some of Waino's greatest hits.

22 June, 2014:

With Team USA set to face off against Portugal in the World Cup, Waino displayed some national pride:

3 August, 2014:

Waino was joined by Mrs. Waino to dress up a for a "Roaring Twenties" themed Make-A-Wish party:

31 October, 2014:

Waino wishes a Happy Halloween as Harry Potter:

With an assist from Lil Waino:

31 December, 2014:

The Wainwright's bring in the New Year in style:

31 October, 2015:

After a brief hiatus from the job, Waino is back and better than ever, this time coming to us as Kristoff with almost the entire Wainwright clan and a song:

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