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2015 SBNation MLB Awards: Cardinals celebration of the year

Help vote for the best Cardinal celebration!

will we ever learn what this is?
will we ever learn what this is?
Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday we began this whole awards shebang with the hitter of the year voting. The awards mayhem moved on to Tuesday, where I asked for your help in deciding the pitcher of the year. On Wednesday, we got into some team specific awards where we try to determine the Cardinals defensive play of the year. Jason Heyward and Carlos Martinez are currently in a dog-fight for the top stop, so go cast your vote now!

Today we move on to a really fun topic: Celebration of the year. I know the narrative about the Cardinals is that they are the stodgy, old, boring team, with the top button buttoned on their crisp, collared shirts and blah blah blah. That narrative is dumb. And also untrue. This team has some great celebrations! Let's look at the best of the best.

To the nominees!

Kolten Wong does the Nae-Nae

The Situation:

There are two outs in the bottom of the second inning of NLDS Game 1 as Kolten Wong laces a double to left against the Cubs Jon Lester. He does the only natural thing after.

He of course, did it earlier in the year, too.

Carlos Martinez throws water at Matt Carpenter

The Situation:

After Carp hits a homer, Martinez gets the water.

Carlos Martinez is adorable

The Situation:

El Gallo celebrates his doubles.

The Cardinal do... whatever this is

The Situation:

After hitting a double, the Cardinals do this odd hand gesture that has never been explained.

Kolten Wong's dope-ass bat toss

The Situation:

Wong hits a walk-off dinger in the bottom of the fourteenth.

Cardinals celebrate clinching the NL Central

The Situation:


Most Honorable Mentions:

Jason Heyward's beautiful smile

Matt Carpenter's sunflower seeds

The home run receiving line

Greg Garcia celebrates his first career home run

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