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2015 SB Nation MLB Awards: Hitter of the Year

Help vote for the hitter of the year!

perhaps a bit of subliminal messaging here
perhaps a bit of subliminal messaging here
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The dark, cold, unrelenting Major League Baseball offseason is fully upon us now. The day pitchers and catchers are to report remains months away, a small glimmer of hope that serves as a beacon to guide us through these troubled times.

What are we to do before that hope fades? Give up?

No. We must never give into despair. In the darkest times, hope is something we give to ourselves. That is the meaning of inner strength.

And so we turn to award season to remember the good times we shared during this past season. Today, we focus on the Hitter of the Year. To the nominees!

The following candidates have been chosen through a very vigorous process by yours truly. It involved me going to Fangraphs and sorting all qualified hitters by wRC+ and then choosing the top five.

Bryce Harper

Mike Trout

Joey Votto

Miguel Cabrera

Paul Goldschmidt

Vote below!