Manny Machado

We need to do whatever it takes to trade for Machado. He would fit into our lineup perfectly at Shortstop and hitting in the lead off role. This would allow Carpenter to man the three hole and solidify the lineup all across the board.

Baltimore currently has four vacancies in their lineup and a spotty rotation at best. They need two corner outfielders, a first baseman, and a DH. They need to get creative if they plan on competing in the AL East anytime soon. The Orioles have a bunch of money to spend and many open positions to fill. We have a glut of players who would match up nicely with their needs. I think we could work something out which would make both teams better next year and into the future.

What if we offered them the following:

Adams, Pham, Peralta, Jay, Moss, Tuivalala, and Tyler Lyons for Manny Machado and Zach Britton. (Throw in some extra prospects too if needed.)

I think they would have to at least consider that package if it were offered. That is five major league starters for one player on the offensive side and two cheap bullpen pieces for the arbitration eligible Britton. This would be a rather cheap way to fill all of their current lineup needs and still be able to go after a starting pitcher or two to solidify the rotation. There are many routes they could go to bolster their rotation and could even bring back Weiters if they desired.

Obviously this would eliminate the type of depth that helped us win 100 games last year, but if that means landing Machado it is worth it.

What would this look like?


Lineup: LF Jay - RF Pham - CF Jones - 1B Adams - 3B Peralta - DH Moss - SS Hardy - 2B Schoop - C Joseph

Bench: Clevenger Flaherty Reimold Lough

Rotation: Cueto Kazmir Tillman Jiminez Gausman

Bullpen: Oday Matusz Brach Givens Tuivalala Lyons Gonzalez

(Sign Kazmir 4/52 Cueto 5/105 Oday 3/22)


Lineup: SS Machado - 1B Piscotty - 3B Carpenter - LF Holliday - RF Heyward - CF Grichuk - 2B Wong - C Molina

Bench: Cruz Bourjos Garcia Reynolds Tilson

Rotation: Waino Wacha Martinez Garcia Lackey

Bullpen: Rosenthal Britton Siegrist Walden Cishek Maness Harris

(Resign Heyward, Reynolds, and Lackey)