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Carlos Martinez's preliminary 2016 ZiPS projection

It's not too early to think about El Gallo's return.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The St. Louis Cardinals' 2015 season came to an end on Wednesday night at Wrigley Field. The game was hard fought. The Cardinals trailed by a single run when Kyle Schwarber eviscerated a homer over the right-field scoreboard to double the Cubs' lead. It was then that that Dan Szymborski, creator of the ZiPS projection system, sent out this tweet:

Prior to this tweet, many members of the VEB Community, myself included, considered Szymborksi a friend of the site. We made our displeasure known. He felt bad about his tweeting:

Ultimately, the boys sporting the birds on the bat fell to the Chicago Cubs, making it the fourth time in manager Mike Matheny's four seasons at the helm that the Cards have lost three consecutive postseason games to end the year. Cardinals fans were (and are) understandably bummed out about it. Szymborski, friend of VEB, sent out the following tweet in an attempt to cheer us up. It's a preliminary ZiPS projection for one Carlos Martinez.

I blew up the image of Martinez's preliminary 2016 projection from Szymborski's tweet so it's easier to read:

Remember, this is just a preliminary El Gallo 2016 projection from ZiPS. The final and official one will come in the winter to help provide St. Louis fans with warmth. But it isn't too early today to start thinking about El Gallo's return to the mound for El Birdos.

Thanks, Dan.