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NLDS Game 3 Recap: Cardinals will face elimination tomorrow

The Cardinals lose a wild one in Wrigley, and face elimination tomorrow.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

pre game

cardinals lineup:
Matt Carpenter 5
Stephen Piscotty 3
Matt Holliday 7
Jason Heyward 9
Jhonny Peralta 6
Tommy Pham 8
Yadier Molina 2
Kolten Wong 4
Michael Wacha 1

cubs lineup:
Dexter Fowler 8
Jorge Solar 9
Kris Bryant 5
Anthony Rizzo 3
Starlin Castro 4
Kyle Schwarber 7
Addison Russell 6
Miguel Montero 2
Jake Arrieta 1

For more information on tonight's starters, check out Ben's pitcher comparison from earlier today.


There once was a place called Wrigley
Where in cups patrons must pee
There the Cardinals did go
To continue the show
And boy, what a game we did see!

In the first, Arrieta did pitch
And he did so without a hitch
Out Carpenter flew
A pitch Holliday swung through
The pitchtrax has a glitch.

Wacha did not look sharp
About his command the fans would harp
He induced a double play
iItwas lucky, but that's okay
Maybe he'll channel Darth Carp.

The Cubs scored in the second inning
That was when they started winning
Schwarber hit one out
The fans started to shout
The wind was really spinning

Wacha started to settle in
Then the Cardinals started to win
Peralta doubled at the wall
Pham hit the ball
Matt Holliday scored right then.

But the wind was blowing in Chi-Town
And Wacha didn't keep the ball down
The ball soared through the air
Castro hit it fair
The Cardinals fans began to frown

The Cubs were not done
Kris Bryant hit a home run
After Wacha left the game
Rizzo did the same
He really hit the ball a ton

The Cardinals did not quit
Another home run was hit
Jason Heyward this time
For he, they should sign
But that was far from it.

Seth Maness made a great play
Matheny took him out anyway
Wainwright came in
The Cubs homered again
Things were not going the Cards' way.

If you thought the homers were done
You were surprised when
Fowler hit one
The Cubs went up eight to four
Don't let them score more
This game is nearly done.

But the Cardinals had one last try
When Piscotty hit a big fly
That was all they could get
But the series ain't over yet
Tomorrow is do or die.

stray thoughts:

post game


Jorge Solar was 2-2 with a home run and two walks and had a win expectancy added of .212.

Source: FanGraphs

Tomorrow's game is at 3:37pm central and features John Lackey against Jason Hammel.