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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Marp started the first with a solo home run

"Hooray!" we all yelled, "this is gonna be fun!"

But then in the second, the wheels came off

Throwing errors and bunts, the Cubs couldn't be stopped

Soler topped the scoring with a two-run home run

By the end of the inning, the Cubs led 5 to 1

The third brought Lance Lynn to pitch in relief

He gave up another; I was smelling defeat

But it was still early, we still had some time

The Cards could come back, they play a hard nine

Carlos V pitched in the fourth and the fifth

No runs allowed, plus a couple of whiffs

In the bottom of 5, the lead dropped to just four

When Wong hit one out with the power of Thor

The very next batter was our own Randal G

Who launched a home run to the left field seats

Kyle Hendricks' night ended at that

Travis Wood cleaned up with a strike out of Matt

The time left to score got shorter and shorter

In the sixth, Wood set down the heart of the order

Maness pitched a perfect bottom inning

Nevertheless, the Cubs were still winning

Adam Wainwright appeared out of the 'pen

The crowd, on its feet, cheered as he jogged in

A line shot by Rizzo, but Marp there to snag it

A hard grounder to Wong, who knew just how to play it

Waino struck out the side in the eighth

Only six outs were left, but I still had some faith

Garcia, Carpenter, and Piscotty may kill

But sadly last night they got carved up by Cahill

Into the ninth the Redbirds would go

We all bit our nails and curled our toes

Hoping our team would continue to fight

Wishing to see some more magic that night

But alas, this time, it was not meant to be

The Cubs won the game, final score 6 to 3

[Jaime, they said, had a bug in his tummy

Perhaps that was why his pitches looked funny

Get well soon, Hotme, won't you please rest?

We'll need you again in the NLCS!]