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Jason Motte needs your financial advice

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Let's make a VEB version because that sounds fun.

Former Cardinals closer and all-around good guy Jason Motte had a tough 2014, his first year back from Tommy John surgery.  Without the same zip on his fastball, he struck out fewer batters than ever before, resulting in his worst season since 2009 by ERA (4.68) and worst season ever by FIP (6.49) and fWAR (-0.7). Naturally then, the Cubs guaranteed Jason Motte $4.5 million for 2015.

Another former Cardinal, Daniel Descalso, has never been known for his bat, or his defense really. For Descalso, 2014 was pretty much a recurrence of everything that had come before. Offense far below league average. A willingness to stand --but not necessarily an ability to play-- every infield position. Grit. Yes-sir-edness. All of this was enough to convince the Colorado Rockies to promise him $3.6 million and list him as their primary backup at shortstop for Troy Tulowitzki.

(This is a pause to let that previous sentence sink in.)

Jason Motte might very well reestablish himself as a viable late-innings pitcher in his second year back from Tommy John surgery. Daniel Descalso might find another bench job or two beyond his employment with the Rockies, but it's quite possible that neither of these players will ever see this kind of money again.

I say all of that simply to introduce the latest installment of Cardstoons here at VEB, which will be a Choose Your Own Adventure. For some reason, the Cubs and Rockies have consolidated both players' salaries into one large stack in a storage unit. Decisions must be made. Jason Motte is counting on you, VEB. In order to cast your vote, just participate in the poll beneath the comic!

Side note: You might want to revisit this scene from Breaking Bad for context. For those of you who haven't seen Breaking Bad, WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN BREAKING BAD?!?!

Motte Money Stacks