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Jim Edmonds belongs in the Baseball Hall of Fame, so follow @JimEdmondsHOF

The unofficial Jim Edmonds for the Hall of Fame campaign has an official Twitter account.

Bryan Yablonsky/Getty Images

It is the position of Viva El Birdos that current St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame member and former all-time great Major League Baseball center fielder, Jim Edmonds, should be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown by the Baseball Writers Association of America members who have been given the ability to vote for ten (but no more than ten!) retired ballplayers every year. VEB has long touted Edmonds's Hall of Fame case, with former site manager Dan Moore eloquently musing about the possibility here and elsewhere:

With Edmonds making his first appearance on the Hall of Fame ballot next year, Joe kicked off the Edmonds for the Hall campaign in earnest earlier this month. Craig has partnered with @thefilmjerk to take the campaign to Twitter. For a steady stream of factoids about how great Edmonds was at baseball, give the account a follow. For a sample, here's the first tweet:

Since we're over 1,600 comments in the VEB Daily thread, feel free to talk about how awesome Edmonds is here and about whatever else you like.