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Hunt and Peck: St. Louisian Max Scherzer signs with not-Cardinals

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of St. Louis.

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Maxwell  "Max" Scherzer, formerly of Chesterfield, Missouri, has opted to not strike a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals, the team of which region he was born and raised. The Parkway Central alum instead opted to take his talents out of the union to the cutthroat District of Columbia in Washington in what is clearly an act of rebellion and treachery. One might think that due to his relatively large price tag of seven years and over $180 million,  Mizzou's first ever MLB first-round pick wasn't seriously considered by the Cardinals, especially with the team's internal pitching options and history of avoiding giving long-term contracts to free agent pitchers, but that would be naïve. Unbeknownst to most, the 2013 Cy Young winner was actually born and raised in St. Louis. Cardinals players were even recruiting him or something. Not choosing to go the route that less than like 10% of Major League Baseball players go and therefore not signing with his hometown team is just a testament to his own pride and selfishness, obviously. Mad Max, indeed. *

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*satire, obviously

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