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St. Louis Cardinals Daily Prospects Report: Memphis' postseason comes to an end -- we can has Tommy Pham now?

Good chance we'll be seeing more of this guy soon!
Good chance we'll be seeing more of this guy soon!
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Memphis loses to Omaha 2 - 6

  • Thomas Pham (CF), 1 for 4, 2B, BB, R
  • Stephen Piscotty (RF), 0 for 2, BB, K, RBI
  • Greg Garcia (2B), 1 for 3, K
  • Mike O'Neill (LF), 0 for 3, BB, K, R
  • Mike Mayers, 4.0 IP, 3 Ks, 0 BBs, 8 Hits, HR, 5 ER
  • Mitch Harris, 1 1/3 IP, K, BB, 2 Hits, ER

It's tough to see Memphis lose with so many of their best players in the majors, but that's minor league baseball in September.

For the remaining players in last night's game, the season has been a mixed bag. Pham finally had a year that was both strong and mostly healthy, playing 100+ games for the first time since 2010 and OPSing .886. Stephen Piscotty had a decent year with a solid average and OBP, but showed very little power, slugging just over .400. Garcia put up decent numbers for a middle infielder again, with a good OBP and a non-terrible SLG, but it is still a bit worse than last year's numbers, and particularly worse than his robust 2nd half numbers from last season (.331/.429/.451). Garcia did play a bit better in the second half this year as well, but again nothing like last season. FInally, O'Neill had a very disappointing season this year. After posting a very impressive .424 OBP last year at AAA, he was demoted to AA due to the the crowded OF of Pham, Taveras, Grichuk, and Joey Butler. His numbers in Springfield were not very good, and not nearly as good as his last go around.

We'll likely see Garcia back up in the majors, but I'm far more interested in seeing Pham up there. It has been a long journey for him, but I think he's the most interesting player we have in Memphis right now.

Tonight's Starters:

State College: Trey Nielsen starts against Tri-City's Brandon McNitt in Game 1 of a rematch of last year's NYPL championship. Here's hoping the Spikes have better luck this time.