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Hunt and Peck: Special Central Division Champs Edition

The magic number is Kerry Robinson!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports


"I can do that. I can do that."

what else is going on in baseball...
  • The playoff bracket. - MLB Playoffs Bracket
  • The Royals are back in the playoffs for the first time since 1985. - MLB
    What has happened between now and then? Well that whole Greg Maddux thing, for starters. - SBNation
  • Jordan Zimmermann pitched the first no-hitter in Washington Nationals history, with a little help from Steven Souza.
  • what the cardinals are up to...

    • Why Michael Wacha is not the right choice for the postseason rotation, according to Bernie Miklasz. - STLToday
    • Adam Wainwright welcomes the extra rest. - STLToday
    • Pete Kozma or Mark Ellis, who makes the postseason roster? Will Leitch prognosticates. - The Will Leitch Experience
    • Time to party likes it's 2006? - Rob Rains

    the nl central

    • Bryan Price reaches out to Mike Matheny about not starting his starters. - MLB
    • We held our breath, but the Pirates fell short of the division. - Bucs Dugout
    • Playoff Bingo (or drinking game, if that is more your thing). There should be some alternate cards created this afternoon.

    the los angeles dodgers

    • The keys to beating LA. - 101.1 ESPN
    • Obligatory:

    • TBLA takes a quick look at the upcoming series. - True Blue LA
    • Fink should have a preview up soon, but until then you can check out the Dodgers SB Nation blog! - True Blue LA
    weekend scoreboard:

    Friday, September 26 Cardinals 7 Diamondbacks 6 VEB Recap AZS Recap
    Saturday, September 27 Cardinals 2 Diamondbacks 5 VEB Recap AZS Recap
    Sunday, September 28 Cardinals 1 Diamondbacks 0 VEB Recap AZS Recap

    The Wild Card play in games begin tomorrow with the AL as the Oakland Athletics take on the Kansas City Royals in Kansas City. Jon Lester will take on James Shields at 7:07pm CST on TBS.