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Cardinals vs Diamondbacks Recap: Thhe Jhonny Peralta shhow, 7-6 Cards in 10

Wacha rocky early, but hangs around to pitch 5 innings.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! I'm Viva El Birdos occasional recapper The Continental. You might remember me from such recaps as "Cards fall 4-3 in extras" or "Shelby Miller and a cast of thousands beat Brewers 3-2 in 13". Sense a theme?

In during-game news, the Pirates won again. Let us not dwell on this. The Cardinals still control their destiny.

Our Story unfolds in that monument to man's hubris, Phoenix, Arizona where the local nine dismissed their manager Kirk Gibson, as well as bench coach Alan Trammell. Filling in for fired manager Kirk Gibson was bench coach Alan Trammell. Don't question, just go with it.

Michael Wacha was not sharp early, giving up two walks and loading the bases in the first. Mark Trumbo sac fly scored the Dbacks' first run while Miguel Montero single up the middle put the Snakes up 2-0.

Cardinals got one of those runs back in the 2nd, Yadier Molina GIDP with Matt Adams on third. 2-1 AZ.

There were a number of missed opportunities tonight. The Cardinals were consistently able to get their lead batter on base, often stranding him and ending the night with 8 LOBsters.

Cards were able to get to Trevor Cahill in the 6th, teaming up for a series of singles and sac flies, capped by Jhonny Peralta's 2 run scoring double off the center field wall. 4-2 Birdos and things were looking up.

Wacha somehow, someway stayed in for 5+ innings and 98 pitches, his highest pitch total since coming back from the disabled list. Michael was send out to start the 6th, but was pulled after giving up a single to Trumbo. Randy Choate and Seth Maness combined to finish the inning.

Wacha's line: 5 IP, 5 H, 2 ER, 3 BB, 4 K

Pitch Statistics as coded by the Automatic MLBAM Gameday Algorithm
Pitch Type Velo (Max) H-Break V-Break Count Strikes / % Swings / % Whiffs / % BIP (No Out) SNIPs / % LWTS
FA (Fastball) 89.1 (89.7) -5.94 4.54 11 5 / 45.5% 5 / 45.5% 1 / 9.1% 1 (0) 4 / 40.0% -0.11
FF (Four-seam Fastball) 94.9 (97.4) -3.52 10.79 54 37 / 68.5% 26 / 48.1% 6 / 11.1% 11 (6) 26 / 60.5% 0.35
CH (Changeup) 88.1 (88.6) -4.43 4.84 7 6 / 85.7% 4 / 57.1% 1 / 14.3% 1 (0) 5 / 83.3% -0.99
CU (Curveball) 76.5 (79.3) 4.43 -6.65 12 7 / 58.3% 4 / 33.3% 1 / 8.3% 1 (0) 6 / 54.5% -0.27
FC (Cutter) 89.8 (91.9) -0.28 5.14 14 6 / 42.9% 4 / 28.6% 1 / 7.1% 1 (0) 5 / 38.5% 0.01
Pitch classifications provided by the Automatic MLBAM Gameday Algorithm.

In the 7th pinch hitter Peter Bourjos looked like he struck out, but the ump called a ball. He ended up taking a walk, putting two on. An error on a pickoff attempt put runners at second and third. Matt Carpenter fielder's choice off the pitcher's glove put the Cards up 5-2 and Jon Jay single made it a seemingly comfortable 6-2 lead.

Sam Freeman had some serious unluck in the 7th, putting runners at the corners with one out. One hit deflected off first base bag, the second off third base bag. Carlos Martinez was brought in to calm the situation. Not to be outdone, he allowed a run scoring fielder's choice that deflected off the mound. El Gallo was able to close the inning with no further damage. 6-3 Birdos.

Pat Neshek was sent out to cover the 8th, and apparently was told not to come back until he finished the job. Pat gave up 4 singles in a row, including a couple of short flares that dropped in, before allowing a ground rule double to Ender Inciarte tying it up 6-6.

The Good Guys were able to pull back into the lead with a Matt Adams double, (replaced for pinch runner Daniel Descalso), and a Jhonny Peralta single for the go ahead run!

Trevor Rosenthal locked down the bottom of the 10th with 100 mph heat and there was much rejoicing.

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="350" width = "500" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

Also, the Giants lost, putting a possible Wild Card game at home.

Your Magic Number is now 2.

Tomorrow Lance Lynn and Wade Miley face off in Game 161. First pitch at 7:10 pm Central.