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The Cardinals Deal A Solid Loss to the Rockies 9/12/14

Adam Wainwright cruised to a 5-1 win Friday night; Matt Holliday obliterated a pitch to the upper deck, deciding the game early on.

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Jorge De La Rosa comes into this game with a 4.07 SIERA and a 3.97 xFIP. Not a very good line, to say the least. Adam Wainwright 3.66 SIERA and 3.48 xFIP. Just like how similar the Cards offense is to the Brewers, the Rockies offense is also right in the mid to upper 90s wRC+ range. The Rockies have a better offense results wise, with a lot more power and slightly better OBP, but after adjustments they are essentially the same offense but in different ways. The Cards definitely have the edge on defense here.


Adam Wainwright finished this game retiring 16 straight Rockies, according to Dan. The Rockies had a stretch with no base hits from the 3rd inning to the 9th. The game was basically decided early on by an absolutely drilled Matt Holliday liner to the upper deck. When that guy hits home runs, it is always a no-doubter. He just doesn't hit them often enough.

Jorge De La Rosa lost this game, with a negative -.229 WPA for the game. On the other hand, the Adam Wainwright we know and love returns again in back to back games with a .258 WPA. One of the other veterans, Matt Holliday, also controlled this game with a .200 WPA, 2 for 4, HR, 3 RBI performance. Grichuk and Peralta were also pretty successful tonight, going 1 for 3 with a walk a piece.

The bullpens did not have a ton of effect on this game, but Rosenthal did pick up his 43rd save.


Miller vs Morales tomorrow at 6:15pm CT in Busch Stadium. The Cards need to put their Reds series behind them as quickly as possible, and tonight's solid 5-1 victory and solid performance by Adam Wainwright should instill enough confidence in the suddenly coherent Shelby Miller. If the offense can hit dingers, I like their chances going forward.

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