The Cardinals Path to the 2014 World Series: A Collection of Haikus

A healthy Yadi

Imperative certainly,

Though do not forget

Pierzynski and Cruz

Must play well in the meantime

Until Molina.

Need not be heroes,

Just not automatic outs,

For red October.

Also, Matt Adams

Need not be early aughts Bonds,

But walks are helpful.

His BABIP is good

And his power is quite potent.

He just shouldn’t chase.

If he swings in zone

And takes first if given it,

The offense is strong.

If Kolten maintains

His development this season.

And the team succeeds.

He’s not yet a star

Yet can do everything well;

That should be enough.

Surely he’ll redeem

Last year’s World Series mishap

As full time starter.

As for Carpenter,

The man of many talents,

I’ll try to avoid

Obvious clichés.

But Matt is the kind of guy

You want on your team.


Ability to draw walks,

And he can hit too.

Grand consistency

Will be help in September

Perhaps quietly.

But where Carpenter

May have subtle flourishes

Peralta’s less so.

He will draw his walks

Though also sock some dingers,

Which come in handy.

Small ball can be fun

And exciting and joyous,

But dingers are life.

Even if Heyman

Finds him a disappointment,

His bat always helps.

As for Holliday

He just needs to get hot late,

As he’s known to do.

May as well demand

For heat in St. Louis June

Or December cold.

Jay? Bourjos? Why argue?

Both are playing superbly

And it’s safe to say

That most any team

Would kill for someone like them

To sit on their bench.

Oscar Taveras

Will surely come along soon.

Guys as hyped as he

Don’t hit the big leagues

And then do nothing

Without some flashes.

Optimistic? Sure.

But he’s due for a breakthrough

Sooner or later.

Anyone believe

In total sincerity

That Waino is spent?

That Adam can’t pitch?

Or he won’t kill October?

Surely you must jest.

With Lynn and Lackey

Surrounding a top two arm

In this year’s NL,

This team’s rotation

Is good as I can recall

At Busch Stadium.

If Wacha comes back,

As the team says he will do,

Plan the parade now.

While Rosie had struggles

When given high work volume,

He’s a flamethrower.

With he and Neshek

At or near their all-star form,

Late leads should be safe.

And also there’s Carlos,

Maness, Choate, and others

In their bullpen roles

All but assuring

That this postseason bullpen

Will be frightening.

People will complain,

For cynicism’s simple,

But fret you need not.

Any team can win

In October’s craziness,

But this team’s on track.

The Dodgers are good,

Just as they were last season

When they were subdued.

The core is still here.

Let’s clear a flagstick quite soon.

This team has got this.