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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

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Gosh, I missed you Carlos. #VivaElGallo
Gosh, I missed you Carlos. #VivaElGallo
Dilip Vishwanat

Yesterday marked Trevor Rosenthal's fifth blown save of the year. One main contributor to that blown save was his walk to Billy Hamilton. This is not new with Trevor this year as his walk rate has ballooned to 13.4%, way up from 2013's 6.4%. As Ben pointed out earlier today, his control has been... sub-par. So what gives?

It is easy to turn to over-use as the culprit, but is there any merit to that argument? Rosey is second on the team in relief innings pitched with 57.1, which puts him 20th in the league (I do want to note the Cardinal ahead of him is Seth Maness at number 8 with 63.0 innings pitched). Let's take a look at how Rosey has done on back-to-back days.


what else is going on in baseball...

  • Major League Baseball has a new commissioner. Learn more about the man here. - Viva el BirdosMLBMLBMLB
  • What happens when you want to challenge two plays at once? - Hardball Talk
  • Could we see Grady Siezmore again in 2015?  - Hardball Talk
  • Albert Pujols hits a baseball very hard. - MLB
  • Adorable Alert! This is what happens when you teach your child to throw things. - MLB Fancave
  • Is there any truth to "playing the hot hand"? - TangotigerTangotiger
  • Kansas City is winning games and hearts. - Sports on Earth
  • Gabe Kapler, announcer of my dreams, looks at line drive percentage. - Just a Bit Outside
  • The AL West is getting cutthroat. - Grantland
  • Monday would have marked Roberto Clemente's 80th birthday. Here's to remembering number 21. - Cut4
  • Allow your heart to be warmed with this coach's speech to his Little League team after their 8-7 elimination loss from the Little League World Series. - Deadspin
  • Another heart melter. There is crying in baseball. - The Good Phight
  • Joe Kelly gets his first steal! - MLB
  • The Rays fans (probably New York transplants, though, honestly) cheer for Derek Jeter and irks Joe Maddon.  Thanks for the link, flood! - Fox Sports
  • This is the inspirational story of Cory Hahn, a man paralyzed from the waist down trying to start a career with the Diamondbacks. Thanks again to flood! - Fox Sports
  • So adorable. Cannot take it. - Cut4
  • Felix Hernandez's streak of starts with seven or more innings and 2 or fewer earned runs surrendered is now over at 16. - MLB
  • A pitcher's job is to limit hard contact. Which pitchers have been the best so far? Big thanks to Ncgostl for the link!Fangraphs
  • Injuries suck. Especially to players like these. - Sports on Earth
  • Jedd Gyorko is now the Padres franchise leader in home runs by a second baseman with... 31. Brisbee finds some other sad records. - SB Nation

  • Love her. - ESPN
  • She threw back-to-back complete game shutouts in the Little League World Series, more impressive because it was within an enforced pitch count. - MLB Fancave
  • How does she do it? - ESPN
  • All while being cheered on by another pitcher. - NY Daily News
what the cardinals are up to...

  • What is up with Magical Trevor? - Cards ConclaveViva el Birdos
  • In light of the incidents in Ferguson, Missouri, Ted Simmons discusses racial violence in St. Louis. - USA Today
  • Jon Jay partakes in the Ice Bucket Challenge, a challenge to help raise awareness for ALS. - Instagram
    Randal Grichuk takes his turn as well. - Instagram
  • There is a McDonalds app available (that my mother called a McApp) that allows great discounts on food, but also Cardinals Tickets. - Cards Conclave
  • I just love me some Matt Carpenter. - STL Today
the nl central...

the cincinnati reds...

  • A look at Walt Jocketty and the Reds' future. - Red Reporter
  • Our own Aaron Finkel along with Wick Terrell of Red Reporter swap Qs & As for this series preview. - Viva El BirdosRed Reporter
  • For more Reds info, check out Red Reporter (and let's try to be nice, okkkaaaay?). - Red Reporter

weekend scoreboard:
Friday, August 15 Padres 2 Cardinals 4 VEB Recap GB Recap
Saturday, August 16 Padres 9 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap GB Recap
Sunday, August 17 Padres 6 Cardinals 7 VEB Recap GB Recap
Monday, August 18 Reds 5 Cardinals 6 VEB Recap RR Recap

Tonight at 7:15pm CST the Cards continue their series with the Red Stockings. John Lackey will be up against Alfredo Simon.

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