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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Infographic Monday!

whenever you are presented with the opportunity to put Giancarlo Stanton as your feature photo, you just gotta do it
whenever you are presented with the opportunity to put Giancarlo Stanton as your feature photo, you just gotta do it
Rob Foldy

The Cardinals have been chugging along, but if they maintain this leisurely pace, they may not catch the Brewers. After the Brewers hot start, they have also been searching for consistency. Meanwhile, there is the Pirates just chillin' out. Do the Cardinals have enough to make one last surge at the division crown?

<script id="infogram_0_2014-nl-central-standings" src="//" type="text/javascript"></script><div style="width:100%;border-top:1px solid #acacac;padding-top:3px;font-family:Arial;font-size:10px;text-align:center;"><a target="_blank" href="//" style="color:#acacac;text-decoration:none;">2014 NL Central Standings</a> | <a style="color:#acacac;text-decoration:none;" href="//" target="_blank">Create Infographics</a></div>

what else is going on in baseball...
  • Brad Ausmus is so smart. - Sports on Earth
  • Justin Verlander will get an MRI on his... *gulp* right shoulder. - MLB
  • Respect the A or something like that. - Washington Post
  • Tyler Skaggs to undergo Tommy John surgery. - MLB
  • Watch David Peralta's incredible steal of home plate here. - MLB
  • Yasiel Puig's bat finally flips itself. - SBNation
  • This is a neat article on the best second half comebacks in baseball. ;) - Sports on Earth
  • Clayton Kershaw does everything, wins baseball. - MLB
  • Albert Pujols tagged up from first on Yasiel Puig and what that means and why it is interesting. - Sports on Earth
  • Manny Machado sprained his knee. - SBNation
  • At least one of my predictions is looking right. #Felix4Ever - Fangraphs
what the cardinals are up to...
  • Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyy!  
  • Bad weekend for your favorite baseball team. 
  • Go Jhonny Go! 
  • Matt Carpenter is pacing himself to avoid late-season fatigue. - MLB
  • John Lackey has quite a... personality. - Hardball Talk
  • Should Matt Carpenter bat leadoff or nah? - STLToday
  • Matt Adams heatmap:
the nl central
the miami marlins
weekend scoreboard:
Friday, August 8 Cardinals 2 Orioles 12 VEB Recap CC Recap
Saturday, August 9 Cardinals 3 Orioles 10 VEB Recap CC Recap
Sunday, August 10 Cardinals 8 Orioles 3 VEB Recap CC Recap
Monday, August 11 Cardinals 5 Marlins 6 VEB Recap FS Recap

So this weekend wasn't that great, Bob. Tonight Adam Wainwright matches up against Jarred Cosart. So if the Cardinals could, like, win tonight, that would be greeeeeeeat. Catch the action at 6:10pm.

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