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Hunt and Peck: Special Trade Deadline Edition

A toast to Joe Kelly and Allen Craig.

the beginning of the end
the beginning of the end
Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

*Raises glass

Yesterday, the Cardinals traded two wonderful men. Yes, this is a business. Yes, this was a good trade. That doesn't make the goodbye any less difficult. It doesn't make the nostalgia just go away.

So, let us all raise a glass to Joe Kelly. Your handshake game may be sorely lacking, but your joy is infectious. You always kept it interesting. When Joe Kelly is around, there is never a dull moment. Never once did your hilarious antics ever feel contrived or fake. You are true to yourself, and yourself is one cool cat, Joe.

And now, the really difficult one. Let us all raise a glass to Allen Craig, the professional hitter, the clutchiest clutcher, the RBI machine. When the Cardinals needed you most, you deliveredAnd deliveredAnd deliveredAnd deliveredAnd deliveredAnd delivered. You did this on shattered kneecaps, newly healed and fragile feet. You were never the fleetest of foot nor the smoothest in the field, but you were always calm under pressure. You were the man that caught the last out of the improbable World Series run. It just... it wasn't supposed to end like this, Allen. You are the hero. The hero never gets traded to Boston. When did we get put in a George R.R. Martin novel?

Never form attachments to professional athletes or Game of Thrones characters, kids - it always ends in heartache.

*Downs shot  - MLB

This toast has been edited from its original version to fit in the space allotted. The whole thing can be read here. - Google Docs

the trade deadline...

what the cardinals are up to...

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the nl central

Milwaukee Brewers 60 49 .550 -
St. Louis Cardinals 57 50 .533 2.0
Pittsburgh Pirates 57 51 .528 2.5
Cincinnati Reds 54 54 .500 5.5
Chicago Cubs 45 62 .421 14.0
the milwaukee brewers

viva el stuff

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weekly scoreboard:
Tuesday, July 29 Cardinals 0 Padres 1 VEB Recap GB Recap
Wednesday, July 30 Cardinals 1 Padres \infty VEB Ruicap GB Recap
Thursday, July 31 Cardinals 6 Padres 2 VEB Recap GB Recap

Tonight the Cardinals return home to Busch Stadium as Adam Wainwright squares off against Wily Peralta. Game time is 7:15pm.

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