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Cardinals vs. Pirates Recap: So Wong, but so right; Cards walk-off Pirates... again!

Kolten Wong hits his first career walk off homer almost 24 hours after teammate Matt Adams accomplished the same feat.

Caption Contest!
Caption Contest!
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Pirates 2014 stats Last 5 years vs. starter
Polanco, G, RF .284 3 13 4 - - - -
Marte, S, LF .261 5 32 21 - - - -
McCutchen, A, CF .319 13 54 13 - - - -
Walker, N, 2B .277 11 38 2 - - - -
Martin, R, C .273 4 26 3 - - - -
Davis, I, 1B .243 5 28 0 - - - -
Alvarez, P, 3B .240 13 42 5 - - - -
Mercer, J, SS .250 6 27 1 - - - -
Worley, V, P .100 0 0 0 - - - -

Cardinals 2014 stats Last 5 years vs. starter
Carpenter, M, 3B .282 4 32 3 3 1.000 0 2
Jay, J, CF .290 1 21 3 5 .200 0 0
Holliday, M, LF .260 5 41 2 3 .000 0 0
Adams, M, 1B .331 10 36 3 - - - -
Molina, Y, C .289 7 30 1 3 .333 0 0
Peralta, J, SS .239 13 39 1 5 .600 0 0
Taveras, O, RF .179 1 4 0 - - - -
Wong, K, 2B .232 2 17 9 - - - -
Martinez, C, P .375 0 2 0 - - - -

First of all, it looks like Operation Stack the Matts is over. Next, rumors are swirling about a possible Allen Craig for Jake Peavy trade, and the rumors have gained traction by Torty's dad not being in the line-up tonight. It has been stated that this was a planned day off and this might only be that. We also get our first peak at rookie Gregory Polanco tonight.


Although it was nothing near as amatory as his last start, I thought Carlos Martinez pitched pretty well tonight, the two home runs allowed notwithstanding. Despite tweeting me at 1:00am, he had enough energy to make it through the sixth inning for the first time in his MLB starting career. Look at how he handled Starling Marte:



The Cardinal rookies team up in the bottom of the second to give their team a 2-0 lead. Jhonny Peralta would hit a two out single, followed by a deep, vehemently struck single by Oscar Taveras to put runners on first and third. Kolten Wong would follow that up with a two out double in the gap for RBI 18 and 19 for him on the year.

The lead would last only a bit longer than one full inning as a Pedro Alvarez home run succeeding an Ike Davis walk would tie the game. This is not an ideal location for that slider, Carlos.

The home run bug appeared to have bitten El Gallo as the Pirates add on two more after Polanco's third single of the night preceded an Andrew McCutchen home run. Neil Walker hit a triple and it would appear that the Cards were in more trouble, so at this point I went and popped some rally popcorn. I returned to see that Mama Molina had bailed out the kiddo with a great pick-off throw at third base. The Pirates would challenge, but the call would stand. I saw none of the replay, so I can only assume that this call is completely correct and unquestionable. Russell Martin struck out to end the inning. 4-2 Pirates

The Cardinals appeared ready to answer the call tonight, though, as they quickly answered back. Matt Holliday would double in Matt Carpenter and Jon Jay after both reached on singles to tie the game 4-4.
RMI: 2 (Jay, Carpenter by Matt Holliday)
MBI: 1 (Matt Carpenter by Holliday)
MMI: 1 (Matt Carpenter by Matt Holliday)

The game would cruise along with both teams matching zeros. Trevor Rosenthal came in for the ninth and things would get interesting after Jordy Mercer blooped a single and Josh Harrison worked a 3-2 walk. I politely asked Trevor to stop being a dork and then he dispatched the next two batters, Polanco and Marte, with relative ease. You are welcome, everyone.

Other than that, the ninth was uneventful.
Oh, except for THIS!
Back-to-back walk off home runs. I like it.

post game

Source: FanGraphs


There is pretty much no other choice but Kolten Wong for the honor. His 2-4, 3 RBI, 1 run scored night was good for .600 WPA. He didn't just win the award, he destroyed the competition like Matt Holliday crushing a peanut shell with his robust and powerful grip.


Tomorrow Lance Lynn faces Brandon Cumpton as the Cards look for win number three of the series and in a row. The game starts at 7:15pm.

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