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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Week

Two-hundred and thirty-eight years ago our forefathers (I am saying our, but if you are not American - please bear with me), signed the Declaration of Independence, essentially declaring war on Great Britain - the greatest empire in the world at that time.

Right back atcha, Rosey.
Right back atcha, Rosey.
Jason O. Watson

Seventy five years ago, history again would be made on July 4. In front of thousands of screaming fans, Lou Gerhig would announce his retirement from baseball, as a few weeks earlier the world learned Gerhig faced an even greater enemy than the fierce Redcoats - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS. His motor functions and central nervous system would be destroyed, while his mind would remain fully aware and unimpaired. Despite all this, he was still able to give one of the most moving speeches of all time. Unfortunately, reporters were unaware that such a moment was about to occur, so we only have about four lines of the actual speech recorded. Luckily, Major League baseball found a way to fill in the missing lines...

What Else Is Going On in Baseball...

  • Here are some other interesting Lou Gehrig articles. - MLB; Derek Jeter ties Gehrig on the Yankees doubles list. - MLB
    This one was my absolute favorite and maybe made me cry a little bit, I will not confirm or deny. - Sports on Earth
  • The All-Star Game is nearly here, and therefore everyone has to voice their opinion about it - why it is wrong... who should be on the team. - Sports on Earth
  • Joe Maddon gets creative with his lineup. Lineup construction really doesn't matter all that much, right? - SBNation
  • Ratings may down, the demographic maybe curmudgeon-ly, but baseball is still as profitable as ever. - Forbes
  • As the Hot Stove gets hotter, trade ideas get crazier. Beyond the Box Score looks at some reasonable trade prospects in this podcast. - Beyond the Box Score
  • The Padres are considering Kim Ng for their vacant GM position! Forget a first woman president, this would be even better! - Hardball Talk
  • Clayton Kershaw's dominance brought about an interesting concept - a pitcher championship belt to determine the current best pitcher alive. - Grantland
  • The Royals don't really strikeout... they also don't really walk or homer. They are anti-true outcomes. - The Hardball Times
  • Manny Ramirez hits a home run! - Hardball Talk
  • Here are the wildest pitches of the month, with a Marco Gonzales appearance. - Fangraphs
  • This Red Sox broadcaster loses a tooth on air and it is amazing. - Cut4
  • Nelson Cruz is robbed of a home run, but the reactions afterward make thing an instant classic. - MLB
  • Baseball is as American as apple pie and the Fourth of July. - MLBCut4
  • Through July 10 you can experience MLB.TV for free with a free trial. - MLB
What the Cardinals Are Up To...

  • Mike Matheny does not know why Carlos Martinez would be making rooster noises. *giggles - MLB
    In case you do not know, this might be the reason. - Viva el Birdos
  • In the words of Aaron Finkel " omg he is tweeting his own highlights now. <3" (Okay, so I added the heart in, but clearly fink was thinking it.) 
  • B.J. Rains does an interview with Joe Buck. - Rob Rains
  • Allen Craig's increased groundball rate seems very rare, but there are a few others who have experience the same. - El Maquino
  • Joe Kelly should need about two more rehab starts before getting back with the team. - STL Today
  • John Mozeliak speaks at the annual United Cardinals Bloggers event. - Cards Conclave
  • Is Jhonny Peralta a disappointment? I am not going link to the original article, but here is what Bernie Miklasz has to say about it. - STL Today
  • The Cardinals have signed four international free agents so far. - Cards Conclave
The NL Central
  • Francisco Liriano will begin a rehab assignment. - Hardball Talk
  • Raisel Iglesias, the Reds new international signing, may be the perfect fit for the organization. - Sports on Earth
  • Standings:
    Milwaukee Brewers 51 35 .593
    St. Louis Cardinals 46 40 .535
    Pittsburgh Pirates 44 41 .518
    Cincinnati Reds 43 41 .512
    Chicago Cubs 38 46 .452
  • The Miami Stantons Marlins

    • Fish Stripes teases with a post about what the Marlins could get for Giancarlo Stanton, then go on to say he wouldn't be avaliable. Not. Nice. - Fish Stripes
    • spants does a titillating preview for the upcoming series against the Marlins. - Viva el Birdos
    • For more Marlins info, check Fish Stripes! - Fish Stripes
    Viva el Stuff...

    • First of all, for ONE TIME ONLY, you can now change your username. - SBNation
    • johnjf125 writes about how he learned to appreciate Tim McCarver. - Viva el Birdos
    • At the halfway mark, stlfan shows how the Cardinals are compared to their projections. - Viva el Birdos
    • stlfan also writes about how Carlos Martinez does not go deep enough into games, making him better suited for the bullpen. - Viva el Birdos
    • Here is a blast from the past by the red baron discussing some prospects in 2011. Let's use hindsight and  see how he did! - Viva el Archives
    Other Things...

    • This post originally was supposed to have a strong USMNT and 'Merica theme, but... they lost :( But if there is one thing that brings Americans together, is finding bizarre and hilarious ways of insulting an opposing nation. Good work, fellow patriots. - Deadspin
    • This is an "Ode to Luis Suarez." Not gunna lie, I didn't listen to the whole thing, but it is interesting. - College Humor
    • Our good buddy, Will Leitch, writes about why US Soccer is here to stay. - Sports on Earth
    Weekly Scoreboard:
    Tuesday, July 1 Cardinals 0 Giants 5 VEB Recap McC Recap
    Wednesday, July 2 Cardinals 2 Giants 0 VEB Ruicap McC Recap
    Thursday, July 3 Cardinals 7 Giants 2 VEB Recap McC Recap

    Tonight Lance Lynn and the Cards are back at Busch to take on Nathan Eovaldi and the Marlins. The game begins at 6:15 CST and will be broadcast on Fox Sports Midwest and Fox Sports Florida. For you radio people, you can find the game on KMOX 1120, 940 AM WINZ, and WAQI 710.

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