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Cardinals at Padres Recap: Cardinals lose and it was not enjoyable to watch

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Denis Poroy

Well, this game started out crappily, when the Cardinals went down in order in the top of the first, then allowed a run on a Yangervis Solarte single in the bottom half of the inning.

Then in the third inning, it got even crappier when Alex Amarista 'doubled,' when in actuality Oscar Taveras and Kolten Wong miscommunicated to allow a ball to drop in.  He would be moved to third on a groundout, and then he would come int o score on a wild pitch.

In the fourth inning, it got crappier still when Jedd Gyorko would homer with one out to score one run, and then Yonder Alonso would score after tripling to score another run.  All this while, the Cardinals only had one hit on something called a Jesse Hahn.

In the top of the 7th inning, the game got slightly less crappy when Matt Adams doubled and Jhonny Peralta singled to open up the frame. After an Oscar Taveras strikeout, Peter Bourjos hit into a potential double-play, but with his speed, he barely beat out the play which scored Adams.  However, he would be picked off to end the inning.

Then in the 7th inning, lots of really, really, really bad things happened and the game turned into a giant poopfest.  Jeff Francouer struck out. Everth Cabrera walked. Amarista singled. Seth Smith 'doubled' (ground ball through Peralta's legs). Grandal was walked. PITCHING CHANGE FOR MANESS. Solarte singled. Gyorko doubled. Alonso walked. Venable homered. Francouer grounded out. Cabrera was HBP. Amarista flew out to Matt Holliday.

When the inning was over, the game went from a seemingly insurmountable 4-1 game to a definitely insurmountable 12-1 game.

I... very much would like to go to sleep now, so here is the WPA graph!

Source: FanGraphs