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Hunt and Peck: Links of the Weekend

Infographic Monday!

I actually cannot help myself.
I actually cannot help myself.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

A couple weeks ago, 82 games into the season, to be exact, I made two graphs. One with Matt Holliday's home run production in 2013, one in 2014. By putting these in graph form, you can easily see how frequently Matt had homered. As you can see, in 2014, he was way off 2013's pace. Since I made that chart, Matt Holliday has hit five dingers, decreasing his games per homer from 16.4 to 10.1, and having a pace of 3.8 games per homer during those 19 games. Over the course his career, Holliday has consistently hit 20 home runs or more nearly every season (every one but his first). It may be too little, too late to reach 20 this year, but if he maintains this torrid pace, don't be surprised if he makes it close. - Viva el Birdos

what else is going on in baseball...

  • First and foremost, some congratulations are due to Dave Cameron over at Fangraphs for a great accomplishment!
  • Dan Uggla has been called up by the Giants. - Hardball TalkMcCovey Chronicles
  • Oh, but there is more! The Giants also acquired Jake Peavy. - Fox Sports
    Here is Fangraphs look at it. - Fangraphs
  • Dmitri Young is unrecognizably thinner. - SBNation
  • Could Matt Kemp be traded to the Red Sox. - MLB Daily Dish
  • Frank Thomas is a Hall of Famer. Here is his scouting report.- MLB Fancave
    And here is his emotional speech. - Cut4
  • Just put TULO on the back next time. - SBNation
  • The Oakland Athletics are darn good. - MLB
    And their pitching is pretty stacked (thanks flood!). - ESPN
  • The Hall of Fame voting has changed. Joe Posnanski wonders why. - Hardball Talk
    Hmmm... I wonder why... - Sports on Earth
  • Mark Appel gets to throw a bullpen in Houston and that upset some Astros or something I don't even know anymore really this is getting bonkers. - Hardball Talk
  • Joe Torre, Bobby Cox, and Tony LaRussa are Hall of Famers. - Sports on Earth
  • Now here is something you don't see everyday... - Cut4
  • TULO. - Cut4
  • Lots of interesting Hall of Fame news can be found here. - SBNation
what the cardinals are up to...

  • The Cardinals have released George Kottaras and signed catcher A.J. Pierzynski. - Viva el Birdos
  • Lookie at what is in the Hall of Fame Museum! Aww... now I miss David Freese :(
  • So why don't we chill out a little about Trevor Rosenthal when he comes in to pitch the ninth? - Cards Conclave
  • If you are interested in a Cardinals Yearbook, you can pre-order it here. - Cardinals
  • Adam Wainwright is the first pitcher to reach 13 wins this season. - 120Sports
  • The Cardinals have pitched a lot of shutouts. 
the nl central

the san diego padres

  • Ian Kennedy was scratched before his last start with an oblique strain. - Gaslamp Ball
  • The Padres look to be major sellers having already dealt Houston Street and Chase Headly. - Sports on Earth
  • Fink will hit you up with a preview tomorrow, but until then, you can find all sorts of Padres info here! - Gaslamp Ball

weekend scoreboard:
Friday, July 25 Cardinals 6 Cubs 7 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Saturday, July 26 Cardinals 6 Cubs 3 VEB Recap BCB Recap
Sunday, July 27 Cardinals 1 Cubs 0 VEB Recap BCB Recap

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