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Evening Off Thread and Taveras benching reaction

No game tonight, but feel free to stick around and take a look at my reaction to Oscar Taveras' benching on Tuesday night.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Oscar Taveras did not start on Tuesday night. I went on a slight rant/screed/whatever you want to call it on twitter. Here's what happened:

Sometime early in the day on Tuesday, I got to thinking about Oscar Taveras as I sometimes do. I took a look at his Game Log over at Fangraphs, and I discovered something.

Later on, I found out Oscar Taveras was not starting. I thought a little about Tony La Russa and how he seemed to not get along with Colby Rasmus, and then I discovered something else.

LaRussa disliked Rasmus' talent so much he gave him enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title despite struggling to start his career. Then I went back to thinking about Oscar Taveras like I said I like to do, and wondered about his playing time in relation to Allen Craig.

After that I was just upset.

/Nailed It!

And then Matheny talked.

So how were the Cardinals doing with Taveras?

But Taveras was struggling in those games, though?

Then Taveras got a hit in his lone at bat and John Mozeliak clarified things the next day, and I responded just as calmly as I had the day before.

So that's the end of that. Feel free to talk about Oscar Taveras or whatever is on your mind in the comments.