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Hunt and Peck: Sad Yadier Molina Thumb Injury Edition

Now our hero is hurt for the stretch run.

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This sucks.
This sucks.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports


He slid to third, he had made it in time.
There was reason not to fret o'er Yadi.
But continue, he did not. And now there
is news of a grave, discouraging fate.




With thumb sprain, I hath nothing!


What, are thou



Ay, Ay, a scratch; marry 'tis enough.

Where is my page? Go, Cruz, fetch a surgeon!

[Exit CRUZ]


But how, man? The hurt cannot be much.



'tis not so deep as center, nor so wide
as a stadium, but it is enough,
it will serve. Ask for me tomorrow and
you shall find me on the disabled list.
I am hurt. I am out for two months hence.
No All Star Game. No Cardinal battery!
Gone! All gone! Everything that I love gone!
Tore away like unfit mother from babe!
All in one small, insignificant play!
Allen, why must you hit ground balls so much?
Ay, it matters not anymore. 'Tis over.
The team - it must continue without me.
'But how will they win without you, Yadi?'
You are thinking, I know, but you must see
We will be successful, it's what we do.
More options, be damned. We shall just come through.
No complaint shall there be o'er loss of me.
Help me into the clubhouse, Matheny.
I shall faint. A plague o' both your houses!


Wait... Whose houses are you talking about?


They have made worms' meat of me-


Who is "they"?


I have it, and soundly, too. Your houses!

[Exits MOLINA]

Molina will be out 8-12 weeks. - Viva el Birdos

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    Weekly Scoreboard:
    Tuesday, July 8 Pirates 4 Cardinals 5 VEB Recap BD Recap
    Wednesday, July 9 Pirates 2 Cardinals 5 VEB Ruicap BD Recap
    Thursday, July 10 Pirates 9 Cardinals 1 VEB Recap BD Recap

    Tonight is the first game of the big three game series against the NL Central leading Brewers. The Cardinals could end the series at best, in first place, at worst possibly fourth. This is the last series before the All Star Break. Joe Kelly takes the mound for the Birdos in his first start since going on the DL with a hamstring whatever that was he suffered back on April 16. Opposing him will be Yovani Gallardo. Look for Mike Shannon to mispronounce his name on KMOX 1120, or listen to the Brewers radio broadcast on WTMJ 620, Brewers Radio Network. The televesion broadcast will be on Fox Sports Midwest, Fox Sports Wisconsin, and MLB Network. Gametime is 7:10pm CST.