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2014 MLB Draft Day 1 Open Thread

It's here, everyone! It's here, it's here, it's here!!!

That's how you build a *&%$ing TEAM.
That's how you build a *&%$ing TEAM.
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Here be a space for all your draft discussions, as we watch one of the more remarkable draft success stories of the past few years take on the Kansas City Royals in just a couple hours. (Still wish I had been higher on Wacha at the time he was drafted, but I never saw him throw as hard in college as he has in the pros, and I watched quite a few A&M games as a Mizzou and, at the time, Big XII fan.)

Anyhow, the Cards will make four picks tonight: numbers 27, 34, 68, and 71. I think. I believe they're doing the competitive balance B round picks tonight as well. I should probably check on that to make absolutely sure before I write it down for everyone to see,, fuck it. I'm going to just wing it here and hope everything turns out all right.

My final, master list of fourteen players I would really like to see the Cardinals come away with, in roughly the order I expect said players to be drafted:

  1. Kodi Medeiros, LHP
  2. Michael Chavis, 3B/SS
  3. Mike Papi, OF/1B
  4. Foster Griffin, LHP
  5. Ti'quan Forbes, SS
  6. Alex Verdugo, LHP
  7. Cobi Johnson, RHP
  8. Kevin Padlo, 3B
  9. Carl Chester, OF
  10. Jacob Nix, RHP
  11. Luke Eubank, RHP
  12. David Berg, RHP
  13. Slade Heggen, C
  14. Keith Grieshaber, SS

They won't get all of them, of course, under any circumstances. And there are plenty of other guys I really love as well, obviously. But looking through the first, say, ten to twelve rounds of the draft, these are some names I love.

Enjoy the draft, everybody. I'll be back later tonight with something on whoever it is the Cardinals pop with their first-round pick.

Oh, also, this whole thing is being broadcast on MLB Network and streamed live on right now. Just thought I should point out the stream in case anyone was unaware.